Welcome to Papworth Direct

We are pleased to announce that the Papworth Direct service is now open for GPs and clinicians to refer patients.

You can now watch a short film about Papworth Direct  by clicking here.

What is Papworth Direct?

Papworth Hospital reception

Papworth Direct is a new service available from Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It enables GPs and hospital clinicians to refer patients who have a high suspicion of coronary heart disease and/or specific respiratory conditions to our state-of-the-art cardiothoracic diagnostic centre.

What is so good about Papworth Direct?

Papworth Direct provides quicker access to diagnostics, shorter pathways to treatment and better value for money for commissioners, through its diagnostic services. This is backed up by the expertise and quality that are synonymous with the Papworth name.

This innovative service puts an end to wasted or duplicated tests and the need for repeated attendance as all the required tests are performed during one visit wherever possible. Most importantly, this means a better experience for patients.

This website provides GPs and clinicians with all the information needed to refer patients to Papworth Direct, and provides patients with all the information needed about the service and the specific tests that may be carried out.